Build and strengthen relationships within your organisation

Create a long-term culture of appreciation with our all-in-one global benefits and rewards platform. Celebrate star performers with bespoke rewards and help people save money on the things they enjoy with over 1,000 perks and discounts.

Additionally, we know your employees’ mental and physical health has never been more important, so we also have Wellness hub one our platform, which has an ever-expanding collection of wellbeing resources.

And that’s not all! Our additional communication functionality also gives you the ability to customise company comms and instantly share updates to everyone, with one easy-to-use and secure app.

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Why choose Perkbox to appreciate your teams?


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Employees send over 100,000 recognitions a years

We can help you grow a culture of appreciation

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Employees love our perks

Over 2 million perks are redeemed each year

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We have a lot of experience

We’ve been in the benefits and rewards space for over a decade

How can you show your teams you appreciate them?

When employers show their teams appreciation, it not only increases retention, but also boosts productivity, engagement and morale. Of course, people are individuals and have their own preferences when it comes to incentives and rewards.  However, simply telling someone they’ve done a great job is an effective way to show you value their efforts.

For more special achievements, we recommend custom rewards. Custom rewards are a fantastic option if you know a colleague really well, as you have the opportunity to give them something really personal and unique. That said, everybody will appreciate an extra duvet day or finishing early on a Friday if you’re stuck for ideas!

Rewards programs are useful tools that promote a culture of appreciation and they also usually include pre-selected rewards, such as gift cards for when a custom reward is not appropriate. Often, these programs have recognition functionality, so your teams can show each other appreciation when they’re in the office or on the go.

An appreciation platform that recognises and rewards your employees

While a simple thank you note is a thoughtful gesture to show an employee you appreciate their work, there are some occasions where a reward is more fitting.

A good recognition and reward program makes the process of nominating colleagues for a reward quick and easy. For example, with our platform, you could hold a poll on who should be nominated for a special end of year award.

Using Celebration hub, you can take employee appreciation to a new level with:

  • On-the-go recognition – your teams can recognise each other on our app and leave comments and reactions on each recognition
  • Over 35 pre-selected rewards – there really is something for everyone, from big brand store cards to popular subscription boxes
  • Custom rewards – get personal by rewarding someone with something meaningful to them, such as a cooking class at their favourite restaurant
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Learn how you can support and motivate your people with an-all-one perks, benefits and rewards platform.

Employee appreciation software that includes a range of discounts and perks

An extensive and easily-accessible discounts and perks program helps you retain top talent and also attracts new people to your business.1

We cater to all lifestyles and budgets, with over 1,000 perks and discounts at some of the UK’s biggest online and high street retailers.

We also understand that deals and discounts are just one way of easing the financial pressure of day-to-day living. So with our platform, you can also:

  • Give away an allocation of Flexi points each month, which your people can save or spend right away on Flexi Perks
  • Provide your teams with a choice of Flexi Perks, ranging from a cup of coffee, to a counselling session, to a music streaming subscription
  • Introduce card-linked perks, so your employees can earn credit to spend on the Perkbox platform when shopping at selected retailers
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A staff appreciation platform with a focus on mental and physical wellbeing

As the line between work and home life is blurring, it’s important to nurture your teams’ mental and physical wellbeing.

When employees have access to wellbeing resources they take fewer absences and are more resilient.2

With our platform, we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. For example, while we offer a number of discounts on healthy subscription boxes, gym memberships and therapy sessions, we also include other resources such as:

  • Wellness hub, packed full of content including guided meditations and on-demand workout and yoga videos
  • A 24/7 confidential helpline with access to licensed professionals, who specialise in trauma, legal and financial issues, and more
  • Free or discounted mental wellbeing apps, including the sleep mindfulness app Aura
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We helped these businesses grow a culture of appreciation

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Showcase your company culture and let everyone know you appreciate them

From sharing 10-year work anniversaries to new joiner updates, communicating these events creates a sense of togetherness, where everybody feels they’re part of the same team.

Ideally, people should receive company news and comms at the same time to promote better business alignment and an inclusive company culture.3

For that reason, our platform has enhanced communication and admin features that keep everyone in the loop at all times.

  • Make all of your comms easily accessible from one intuitive app, and keep them secure with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality
  • Communicate significant updates and highlight upcoming social events using custom or templated digital cards
  • Learn what comms and news your people engage with most through our comprehensive usage reporting
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1. What is an employee appreciation platform?

An employee appreciation platform is software that helps you recognise and reward your employees. When organisations implement a specific reward scheme it enriches company culture and is a huge boost to team morale.

When choosing an employee appreciation platform, it’s important to consider additional features and functionality. After all, appreciation doesn’t just stop at congratulating your teams for a job well done — it encompasses so much more.

With our platform, we include a range of features. Take Perks hub, for example. It contains over 1,000 discounts and deals with some of the UK’s biggest retailers. Helping your employees save money on the things they love is a great way to show them you appreciate their hard work.

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2. Why is employee appreciation important?

3. What is the best employee appreciation platform?