Perkbox Insights

Finally a pulse survey tool that lets you gather and act on employee
feedback while improving employee engagement – without the faff.


Structure the way you gather feedback

Automatically check in and follow up with your employees at regular intervals with short, engaging pulse surveys.

  • End survey fatigue
  • Give your employees a voice
  • Stay on top of your employee feedback
Structure the way you gather feedback

Ask all the right questions

Our library of ready-to-use questions tackle the 10 key drivers of employee engagement, observed by behavioural psychologists and leading companies.

  • Measure employee engagement
  • Organisational psychologist-approved question library
  • Benchmark your organisation
Ask all the right questions

Get simple, visual results

Our real-time dashboards allow you to quickly measure trends and identify issues before they become problems. Easily filter results and present your findings.

  • Track your engagement score
  • Understand your organisation's strengths and weaknesses
  • Download visual reports to present at meetings
Get simple, visual results

New features coming soon...

We're still building Perkbox Insights, which means we’re constantly learning, improving and adding new features to the tool. Hold tight for:

  • Custom surveys to put your own questions to specific teams
  • Company-wide action board to present initiatives with full transparency
  • In app confidential messaging for immediate solutions to bigger issues
  • Cross-company benchmarking to see how you shape up in your industry
New features coming soon...

Nothing beats hands-on experience

Perkbox Insights was designed because we found that traditional employee engagement surveys fell short of the mark. They often lead to survey fatigue and ask more questions than they answer. The the truth remains: staff surveys, pulse surveys, employee surveys – whatever you call them, employee feedback is the lifeblood of successful organisations. Perkbox Insights gives your employees a voice, while helping you to gather and act on the right kind of information. With Perkbox Insights you can improve and increase employee engagement with the best employee surveys on the market. It will allow you to approach feedback in a structured and meaningful way.