Develop interpersonal skills with an employee experience tool

Interpersonal skills help us interact with our colleagues. Without them, we won't work well as a team. So it's important these positive behaviours are recognised and rewarded just like performance.

When someone is a great team player you should let them know. Likewise, if a leader has inspired their team to do better, show them your appreciation. Using an employee experience solution can make this easier, as you can reach every employee no matter where they're based. 

Often, an employee experience solution will include a reward and recognition program, so employees can recognise each other on the go from a mobile app. This functionality is also great for managers who also have the option to allocate rewards.

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Interpersonal skills: your FAQs answered

What are the 4 types of interpersonal communication?

The four categories of interpersonal behaviour include: verbal, aural (listening), written, and non-verbal communication.

Developing skills in these behavioural categories will help you excel in your own role. They're also important if you want to lead a team. Fortunately, these skills aren't just something you're born with. Although some people pick them up quicker than others.

Other words for interpersonal skills are soft skills, or people skills. Most of the time, those with strong people skills also tend to communicate better in their personal lives. So the benefits extend beyond the workplace.

What is meant by strong interpersonal skills?

How important are interpersonal skills in the workplace?

Perkbox helps you foster a positive culture of feedback and communication

Perkbox helps you create a culture of feedback and communication.

  • Get your teams pulling in the same direction
  • Boost productivity and employee engagement
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