About this webinar

The world of work is changing, with geography no longer defining where or how people work. This has led to a rise in people working remotely — even in countries where their employer doesn’t have a base — or working together across different time zones or locations.

While this opens up new candidate pools for employers, it also means the already tricky challenges of talent attraction have increased.

So — how can you build a talent attraction strategy that speaks to the wants and needs of employees everywhere?

Mona Akiki, Chief People Officer at Perkbox and Melissa Escobar-Franco, VP of People at the global talent acquisition software company Workable discuss everything from sourcing candidates, to constructing a global pay and benefits package, to building cultural alignment.

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What you can expect to learn


How to structure the recruitment process from start to finish


Tips on creating a diverse employee benefits package


Ways to showcase your employer brand on a truly global level


How tech can help you scale your talent attraction efforts quickly



Meet the speakers

Mona Akiki | Chief People Officer | Perkbox

Since 2019, Mona has acted as Perkbox’ Chief People Officer. Mona has more than 21 years of experience, 16 of which in HR advising leaders and organisations succeed in transformational and ever changing environments. Most recently, Mona founded Path Forward Ltd which helps leaders achieve their and their teams’ full potential through coaching and advisory services. Since joining Perkbox, Mona’s focus has been on Perkbox’ own culture, leadership team and internal employee experience.

Melissa Escobar-Franco | VP of People at Workable

Melissa is the VP of People at Workable. She’s responsible for all things HR, including the interview process, driving company culture, and overall employee engagement. She has nearly 6 years of experience at Workable.