1. Build better habits

Looking after your mental health can make you more resilient, and help prevent issues developing further down the line. That means making space in your daily routine for wellbeing. Here are a few ways we can help.

Start the day with a calm mind

Perkbox users get unlimited access to Aura– a mindfulness app with a twist. We recommend taking advantage of their wide selection of three minute classes for a quick pre-work meditation session – starting your day with a burst of positivity.

Give a little recognition

Getting a shout out from a manager or colleague can really turn a bad day around. Make a habit out of recognising members of your team to keep morale high and let everyone know you appreciate what they do.

Post regular updates on Culture Hub

Culture Hub is made for sharing fun and useful information with your team. Try uploading some photos from the latest office party, or posting links to your company EAP. It’ll help keep your team’s spirits up and let them know where to turn if they run into trouble.

perkbox culture hub

2. Take a break

Sometimes you need to make a little extra space for your mental wellbeing. Perkbox gives your team a variety of ways to escape the daily grind and get back to feeling calm.

Unwind with some lunchtime yoga

Yoga can help improve mental wellbeing by decreasing stress and anxiety. Perkbox users can book an online class anytime with unlimited access to Boxx. It’s perfect for a quick lunchtime session with colleagues, or a post-work wind down in the living room.

Watch the latest webinar

We’ve partnered with Health Assured to give every employee at your company access to their wellbeing portal. It’s full of useful information and regular webinars to help your team look after their mental health. It’s a great resource for learning how to deal with common personal and professional issues.

perkbox platform

3. Get back on track

When you’re struggling with mental wellbeing, taking back control can feel like an impossible task. Getting the right support can make all the difference. Perkbox provides a few ways to help your team get back to their best.

Call the 24/7 confidential helpline

Your Employee Assistance Programme gives you 24/7 access to fully qualified counsellors who can help you deal with a range of issues. That includes stress, anxiety, financial difficulties, legal matters, and much more. They’ll provide solutions-based advice to help you work towards a resolution. 

Claim structured counselling sessions

For issues that can’t be resolved on the first call with our helpline, a counsellor may suggest structured counselling. Every employee is entitled to four sessions for free with Perkbox. These sessions will focus on empowering employees by building on their own resources and setting goals for moving forwards.

Book an online GP appointment

For serious cases, employees can book an appointment with a qualified GP using Perkbox Medical. Appointments are available day and night, often within a couple of hours. The GP can assess the situation and recommend next steps, including referrals.

perkbox medical