Help your team treat themselves more often

Employees love benefits. Especially when they can treat themselves. Freebies and discounted days out are great ways to keep them happy and make their money go further.


of employees say perks reduce stress at work1¹


of employees would stay in their job to keep their benefits package²


of employees would change jobs for more free perks³

Choosing an employee discount scheme

Choosing the right discount package shouldn’t be difficult, but often it is.

At Perkbox we take a holistic approach with our employee engagement platform and offer staff discounts that get everyone excited and boost employee engagement.

Did you know with Perkbox your team could save more than £1,000 per year and have access to over 4,000 discounts and freebies?

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More than a gym membership discount

Over 42% of employees say that exercising relieves work stress.

As an employer, offering discounted gym memberships is one way to maintain your employees’ health and wellbeing.

But, at Perkbox we have created a versatile platform that offers so much more.

  • Membership discounts from well-known gyms, including Virgin Active, Pure Gym, GymBox, and many more
  • Great discounts on wearables, gym apparel, and supplements
  • Free access to online workout videos, so your staff can enjoy yoga or other classes on-demand from their smartphone or TV

Staying healthy shouldn't cost a fortune and with Perkbox it won’t.

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Perks that don't cost your employees a thing

You can treat your team to freebies to show them your appreciation.

Free perks are a great way to recognise their efforts and reward them for their loyalty.

Small perks over time have a big impact on employee satisfaction, while also building and maintaining a strong working relationship. 

With Perkbox, each one of your employees will benefit from receiving monthly points that they can use to claim on a range of Flexi Perks. Flexi Perks are perks that employees can claim whenever they want. 

  • Free drinks and selected snacks at Caffè Nero and Greggs
  • Free vouchers giving your employees £5 off with Uber, Uber Eats and Asos and more
  • Free monthly subscriptions to wellbeing apps like My Online Therapy, Aura, Lift  
financial wellbeing benefits for employees

Why use Perkbox?

Whether your team are interested in travel, fashion or tech, some of our discounts include:

Over 4,000 discounts from the biggest brands

A discount scheme for employees is an effective and fast way to reduce financial stress in your organisation.

Did you know that half of employed adults say their financial wellbeing impacts on their productivity at work?

With Perkbox your employees will have access to over 1,000 perks and discounts to make their money go further.

This is how much your employees could save*:

  • Supermarket groceries 4-7%
  • Meals out up to 25%
  • Tech up to 35%
  • Gym fees up to 28%
  • Holidays 8-10%

Help your team stretch their salary further.

*Data from Jan 2021

mental and emotional wellbeing benefits for employees

Success story

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“The best thing about the platform is that it’s so versatile. There’s something for everyone.”

Victoria Otosio
Recruitment and Training Manager

Victoria Otosio

Perks and benefits employees can use any time, anywhere

  • Offer a huge range of free perks
  • Provide over 4,000 perks and discounts
  • Add custom company benefits
  • Centralise company benefits in one place


What is an employee discount scheme?

An employee benefits scheme helps employers, like you, save your staff money.  These packages offer shopping vouchers for online and high-street retailers and help your team spend less on meals out, holidays, and the weekly food shop.

Discount schemes tend to be part of a wider benefits package, which includes access to confidential helplines. Employees appreciate companies that care about their personal and financial wellbeing. So investing in benefits is an effective way of reducing turnover, while increasing loyalty and retention.

To learn more about how Perkbox can help you create your very own employee benefits scheme, request a demo today. 

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