Reward Gateway features at a glance

Reward Gateway’s main aim is to boost engagement, so its features focus on:

  • Employee reward and recognition: Reward points are redeemed on Reward Marketplace, which also integrates with Amazon. Employees can show recognition over the app and receive eCards on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and other important milestones.
  • Employee communications and surveys: All employee communication is housed in one place, where employees can react to and comment on news, updates, and more. Additional surveys — including pulse surveys, drive meaningful change by facilitating employee feedback.
  • Employee discounts: Discounts are accessed through the app and employees can choose from reloadable cards, cashback, and instant vouchers. The voucher shopping basket also automatically saves whatever is inside it, so a voucher purchase can be completed from any device.
  • Employee wellbeing: Employee mental and physical health is supported by expert blogs, videos, and recipes. The Wellbeing Centre focuses on stress and anxiety management. Reward Gateway’s app also offers ClassPass, which includes yoga flows, HITT workouts, and strength training videos.

Perkbox is an excellent Reward Gateway alternative as it also focuses on several employee experience touch points. What’s more, it also integrates with leading HRIS software, for example Okta, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Azure —  to name just a few. This is important as you need a solution that seamlessly integrates with your current HR systems.

Plus, with intuitive analytics, you can start tracking how your employees are using Perkbox from the moment they open the app. Examples include who receives the most recognition to what perks are being redeemed. This information is incredibly useful for monitoring the success of your engagement strategy and ROI.

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5 Reward Gateway alternatives & competitors

According to our research, the 5 best Reward Gateway alternatives are:

1. Perkbox

Perkbox wants to help support your employees no matter where they are — across the office, down the road or on the other side of the world. This is why over 4,000 companies in over 140 countries have included Perkbox in their engagement strategies. 

Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Cultivate a global culture of recognition with a highly accessible reward and recognition program. Employees can send real-time recognition from an app and can tie each recognition to company values. Managers can also reward their high performers with easy-to-use Reward points, which can be redeemed in the Reward catalogue.
  • Global benefits and discounts: With thousands of worldwide discounts, your teams can shop and save all year round. Discount categories include food and drink, tech and electronics, home and garden, health and beauty, entertainment, and plenty more. Plus with Flexi Perks your teams can claim a range of additional perks at no cost to them — using their monthly allowance of Flexi points.
  • Mental and physical wellbeing: Give your employees a carefully curated selection of wellbeing resources, developed by industry-leading wellbeing experts. There’s something to suit any mood or goal. Whether it’s taking out more time to practise yoga, building strength, or getting better quality sleep — it’s all catered for. Plus, all wellbeing resources are available 24/7 via laptop, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Company updates and comms: Strengthen your culture and streamline your comms using one unified hub. Never miss important updates again and say goodbye to convoluted email lists. Relying on managers in different locations also becomes a thing of the past, as key information can be shared with everyone in one swift update.

How can Perkbox benefit my employees?

When you consistently provide a great employee experience your teams are happy and engaged. Consequently, they’re more productive and unlikely to move elsewhere. Because Perkbox is a comprehensive employee engagement platform it simultaneously targets the core elements of employee experience — giving you the best results possible and a healthy ROI.

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2. Bonusly

If employee rewards and incentives are an important part of your engagement strategy Bonusly’s tool could help with this.

Key features

  • Global catalogue: With Bonusly points your teams get to choose from a variety of rewards. The digital reward catalogue includes global retailers to accommodate an international workforce.
  • Bonus Feed: When an employee receives recognition, it appears on Bonus Feed for everyone to see. Employees can attach Bonusly points to each recognition they send and also tag company values too.
  • Awards: There are three types of Bonusly awards automated, manual, and claimable. This allows for customisation and automation, so you can develop a strategy unique to your business.

How can Bonusly benefit my employees?

With Bonsuly you can encourage a culture of recognition throughout your business.

3. Achievers

Achievers consider themselves culture builders and their platform includes chatbot coach — Allie, whom your employees can engage with.  

Key features

  • Listen: Gain insight into the performance and engagement of your teams, using surveys, quizzes and polls backed by data science.
  • Recognise: Promote company values and send points with each personalised message of recognition.
  • Reward: Exchange reward points on Reward Marketplace. The more points an employee has the bigger the reward they can claim.

How can Achievers benefit my employees?

As global and mobile workforces become the norm, maintaining a strong company culture has never been more important. So, if you want to increase harmony between your scattered teams Achievers could help you do this.

4. Sodexo

Sodexo brings people and businesses together. They’ve created a tool that supports the day-to-day experiences of your employees.

Key features

  • Custom incentives: Keep your top performers at their best with a custom incentive programme.
  • Benefits and discounts: Employees save money on their everyday spending and bigger purchases.
  • Employee recognition: Show appreciation with a prepaid Visa card.
  • Employee rewards: Choose what you want to celebrate and how often.

How can Sodexo benefit my employees?

Sodexo’s solution may be a good fit for businesses who want to create or enhance their current incentive scheme.

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5. Edenred

Edenred have developed a number of tools to motivate and engage your employees. Together their full suite of programs makes up one all-inclusive solution.

Key features

  • Edenred Savings: 100s of discounts from leading UK brands, good for improving your teams’ financial wellbeing.
  • Edenred Flex: Flexible benefits, your teams only use what matters most to them. Saving you money.
  • Connect Recognition: Make showing recognition a priority, use eGreeting cards, long-service awards, and more to encourage a culture of appreciation.
  • Incentive Award cards: Prepaid brandable options that can be used with millions of retailers, provided they are part of the Mastercard network.

How can Edenred benefit my employees?

Edenred have many solutions to help you get the most out of your employees. And, if you’re on a budget you only choose the ones you need.

Choose the Reward Gateway competitor with the best employee benefits

With the sheer number of HR tools and engagement platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Especially if you were interested in a solution only to find out that it isn’t right for your business.

If you need a solution that is similar to Reward Gateway, Perkbox is a very good alternative. Like Reward Gateway, it’s a complete platform that includes everything you need to increase team engagement.

Find out how Perkbox can help you reach your employee engagement goals

Reward Gateway competitor: your FAQs answered

What is Reward Gateway?

Reward Gateway — founded in 2006, is an employee engagement company. Glenn Elliot is Reward Gateway’s CEO and also the company’s founder. Despite their global presence, Reward Gateway’s headquarters are UK based, in London. Their platform is comprehensive and includes numerous features to boost engagement.  

What is an employee reward platform?

How do I choose an employee reward platform?

Take your employee benefits strategy to the next level

Perkbox helps you offer a harmonised employee benefits offering across the globe.

  • Simplify your employee experience with a single global app for all benefits
  • Help your employees save money with discounts at over 9,000 providers worldwide 
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